3D Visualisation
3D Visualisation image
Location Misfit map
Location Misfit image
Error Ellipsoids
Error Ellipsoid image
Common Receiver Gather
Common Receiver Gather image
Diagnostic Plots
Diagnostic Plots image
3D Velocity Models
3D Velocity Model image
Focal Mechanism
fault plane solution
Focal Mechanism beach balls
Beach Balls image
Network Modelling
Network Modelling image
Elastic Modelling
Elastic Modelling

Altcom provides software, services & consultancy for microseismic, induced seismicity and frac mapping analysis to the geothermal and hydrocarbon industries. 

microseisgram is a platform independent software package developed by Altcom. It provides enhanced microseismic data processing & Quality Control (QC) capabilities. It is used by operators and researchers around the world to make the most of their data.

Altcom has also been delivering world class web and database solutions for more than 20 years.