Data QC and processing

Altcom offers a comprehesive set of QC and enhanced microseismic processing services, including:

  • QC of raw waveform data and vendor supplied results
  • Re-triggering of historic data sets to improve sensitivity
  • Complex velocity model building and relocation, including 3D and VTI anisotropy
  • Data integration with dynamic and geomechanical models
  • Focal mechanism and stress inversion analysis
  • Enhanced location techniques such as JHD, Double-Difference and Collapsing
  • Tomographic imaging and joint inversion to improve event locations and velocity models
  • Conditioning of reservoir and geomechanical models
  • Subsurface seismic hazard assessment
  • Data format and catalogue conversions (eg miniSEED to SEG formats)

Altcom's wealth of experience and access to its own in-house software provides it with the capability to design and implement complex processing workflows focussed on the specific needs of the client.

Rose Manowes