Data acquisition

Microseisgram can be fully integrated with the Altcom data acquisition & automated processing system for real-time remote field operations.

The data acquisition system acquires data as either contiguous waveform files (eg SEGY, SEG2, miniSEED) written by a 3rd party digitiser or via multiple SEEDlink feeds. The data records are then concatenated into a variable-length ring-buffer and complex triggering algorithms applied. The triggered and windowed events are output to a set of SEG2 files and a Microseisgram database. Automated processing workflows can then be applied to the data and then the results viewed by multiple remote Microseisgram users.

The ring-buffer can contain raw data, filtered data or virtual stations constructed by combining individual stations. The triggering can use complex logic, for example, the requirement for a list of specific stations or components to trigger, or for at least one station within separate borehole arrays to trigger.

The automated event location can use either a migration (diffraction-stack) approach or conventional auto-picking and arrival time based location.

The automated processing populates a secure web portal providing summary data, maps and statistics. It can also send email or SMS alerts related to performance or induced seismicity Traffic Light protocols defined by the operator. The conformance with the Traffic Lights can also reviewed via the web portal.