The Altcom JTOMO module provides joint inversion and tomographic imaging capabilities.

JTOMO can be used to build complex inversion workflows consisting of any combination of:

  • 1D or 3D isotropic velocity model inversion
  • Event location
  • Station delay term evaluation
  • Double-Difference event location
  • The Collapsing method

JTOMO has a built-in diagnostics module enabling data visualisation and plotting. Results can also be analysed within the Microseisgram core.

Key features of JTOMO include:

  • Script based workflows for complex processing sequences
  • Creation of synthetic data sets for sensitivity & feasibility analysis
  • Checker-board test capability
  • Interactive filtering of input data based upon residuals, spatial characteristics, magnitudes, pick-count per event, error ellipsoids etc.
  • Plotting of raypaths and hit-maps