Western France earthquake detected on Altcom Raspberry Shake

Altcom obtained excellent recordings of the Magnitude 5.0 earthquake in Western France on 16 June 2023 using its Raspberry Shakes, despite the epicentral distance being more than 500 kilometres.

The screenshot below shows the event recorded on a Shake 3D deployed in the Altcom office basement and the waveforms displayed using the Altcom software microseisgram.

The British Geological Survey (BGS) report that the epicentre was in the Charente-Maritime department, Western France, and that:

“damage to homes, schools, churches and other buildings has been reported from regions close to the epicentre and two people were also reported as injured. It is reported as felt throughout Western France.”

Further information can also be found at the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) website.

Earthquake seismic waveforms
Event waveforms recorded on a Shake 3D and displayed using the altcom software microseisgram