Fibre DAS survey at the Eden Geothermal project site

Altcom has been assisting Motion Signal Technologies (MST) Limited in the acquisition of a fibre DAS dataset at the Eden Geothermal Project site. This is part of the MST Ltd Deep Digital Cornwall (DDC) research and innovation project.

The temporary fibre deployment used the Well-SENSE FibreLine Intervention (FLI) system.

There have been several objectives:

- Downhole distributed temperature measurements (DTS) to assess thermal recovery after injection testing
- Seismic velocity model calibration trials using a surface airgun source and the DAS
- Evaluating the MST Ltd real-time data compression system (CATE) developed under the DDC Project

Altcom is also participating in the Deep Digital Cornwall Project through its own research and innovation project aimed at developing an “Adaptive Induced Seismicity Alert Process”.

Eden Geothermal Limited wellhead
Eden Geothermal Limited wellhead (image courtesy MST Ltd)