Eden Geothermal open deep geothermal heating plant

Eden Geothermal Limited (EGL) report a landmark moment for renewable energy in the UK.

On Monday June 19 2023 it opened the UK’s first operating deep geothermal heating plant since 1986 and which is now generating heat. Both the Eden Project Biomes, plus new state-of-the-art nursery, will be heated using a 4km coaxial borehole heat-exchanger.

The process of drilling deep into the granite at the home of the world-renowned Biomes in Cornwall was finished in 2021, and Eden Geothermal has now completed the heat main and plant and is ready to supply heat to the Eden Project and its new state-of-the art nursery, “Growing Point”.

The geothermal heat system is a single well coaxial system. A 4000m vacuum insulated tube has been inserted into the well, lifting hot water to surface. This is passed through a heat exchanger and the cooled water is then re-injected into well via the outer annulus.

The geothermal project has been delivered by Eden Geothermal Limited (EGL), a three-way partnership between Eden Project Limited, EGS Energy Limited, a geothermal development and consultancy group, and BESTEC (UK) Limited, affiliated with BESTEC GmbH, the specialist geothermal developer and drilling advisor.

Altcom has been the provider of microseismic monitoring and other specialist services throughout the project.

Eden drill rig and site
Image courtesy Eden Geothermal Ltd