British Seismology Meeting 2017

Dr Andrew Jupe is a co-author on a paper being presented at the British Seismology Metting 2017 by Ian Main, Professor of Seismology and Rock Physics at the University of Edinburgh.

The British Seismology Meeting (BSM) 2017 aims to bring together seismologists from the UK and abroad to present and discuss a wide range of seismological research. This conference invites professional seismologists from both industry and academia to discuss methods and results from all areas of seismology, such as: earthquake seismology, seismic hazard, micro-seismicity, nuclear test monitoring, induced seismicity, seismic engineering and exploration.

The conference will be held at Reading Museum and Town Hall over three days from 5th to 7th April 2017.

The organisers believe it will provide a unique opportunity to strengthen and establish new links within and between seismological communities and industries, and that this meeting, with the help of UK Universities, will become a regular feature on the calendar of UK seismologists.

The title of the paper being presented Professor Main is "Induced seismicity at the UK Hot Dry Rock test site
for geothermal energy production: a new mechanism" and has co-authors X Li and A Jupe.