8th London Geothermal Symposium - 17th November 2021

The UK Geothermal Symposium returns in November 2021 in hybrid form. There will be an in-person meeting at Burlington House, the usual venue of the Geological Society of London, and also an online virtual programme. 

The UK Industry Update opens with two talks presenting the United Downs and Eden Geothermal projects, where altcom is the provider of microseismic and induced seismicity monitoring services.

The symposium will showcase the latest developments in the UK’s geothermal sector. The first theme will feature four project examples of the three main resource types: granites, sedimentary basins and flooded coal mines. The second theme will walk the audience through the de-risking processes related to geological uncertainty, drilling risk and commercial and financial risk in geothermal systems. The third theme will highlight the latest examples of pioneering research being carried out by industry-academic partnerships in the UK

The event will be held on 17th November 2021 and details can be found at:

Geological Society Energy Group