Remote database & multi-user

Multi user database diagram

microseisgram can operate in a range of configurations including:

  • simple standalone single-user access using an embedded database driver
  • multi-user access via a remotely-accessible database
  • web browser access to summary statistical data, maps & alerts

The ability to serve the database from remote or cloud-based servers provides users with access from remote sites around the world.

The microseisgram multi-user mode permits multiple named users, known as "Analysts", to perform QC, analysis & 3D visualisation of data tagged with their own userID.

This means that the database can hold multiple, traceable, independent interpretations of the data.

In server-mode “Users” are created via the System Manager interface & provided with different access permissions to databases held on the server.

Users with read/write/delete access can create multiple “Analysts”, which are unique realisations of the dataset held within the database & owned by the user.